finding profitable niches

Finding A Profitable Niche

Remember in the “Quick Tour” one of my article was about “Six Steps To Success”. The very first step I talked about was – Finding a profitable Niche.

Today I am simply introducing you idea of Niche Selection at silver skill level. This skill level requires you to understand the idea behind the topic and is related to what it is all about. Do not worry about “how” question, which is the next level, where I will show you how to find your niche.

In fact I will reveal my own excellent strategy of Niche selection at Gold skill, which is very helpful at that level.

Today is just an introduction to this topic.

The right niche is the foundation of a successful affiliate marketing business.

This is your step 1 to make money online because you must start from Niche selection, what you will end up selling is totally irrelevant in this beginning stage.

I again emphasize, please make it clear in your mind stop planning about the product to be sold if you are thinking about any such idea.

What product to sell, how will you make your sales, or do you need a website, or what type of website, are the questions you should not worry about at this stage.

I promise you will do fine if you follow the system and making money online process correctly. Everything will come in its own time to worry about.

So let’s get back to the topic of Niche market research again. So what precisely this step 1 means.

It means choose a subject where people are already spending money online to solve their problems, or for getting some sort of pleasure. An area where there are hungry and desperate buyers looking online for solution to their problems.

Also, you don’t need to waste your time in creating a new niche. As it is needless to reinvent the wheel. If you still try then chances are that new niche might not have any competition.

Now you may be thinking if there is no competition then it is good. My answer is no, it’s not.

Because if there exist no competition then most likely this must be a very small niche, with not much potential and not worthy of your time and money.

So competition is healthy thing. Do not worry about that. Because I will tell you plenty how to beat competition in later stages. Believe me it’s not that difficult if you do it correctly you will beat your competitors.

The chosen niche must already be loved by you… as a hobby or in passion.

Your passion helps you to make you a unique selling position which will laser target a specific group of audience in that niche.Also with out your natural interest or passion you won’t be able to continue for long time in your chosen niche.

But remember again the Golden rule at the same time it must be a niche people are already spending money.

You can also start brain storming about “big four” of Internet marketing.

  1. All big fours are huge markets remain to be profitable for ever. They are health, wealth, relationships, and passions.Health- This includes everything to do with how we look and how we feel. Like losing weight, gaining muscle, stop smoking, being more physically attractive, etc.
  2. Wealth- It is anything about financial success. Examples are career advice, investing, making money, earning passive income, , saving money, and so on.
  3. Relationships- It may relate to any interpersonal relationship people have with one another. This can include improving social status, how to get ex, sexuality, and dating.
  4. Passions- It represents a broad niche. In this niche you focus on hobbies and activities that people enjoy regularly. Examples are swimming , gardening, antiques, cooking, and stamp collecting etc.

You don’t start by doing keyword research but you do need search volume at later stage to make a decision.

Another way is to Explore “Mass Market” Sites like amazon, click bank, Google groups, yahoo groups, eBay Pulse, Squido Top 100 Lenses.

That was an overview of the topic for you to provide a clear idea.

Do not worry at this stage how will you chose your niche for youself as I will explain you everything you need to make it simple in later stage of time when you need to choose your niche then.