Targeted Audience A Sneaky Way to Discover Targeted Audience

This is a search engine and part of Google . We can really drive targeted traffic by using such an amazing search engine.

It specializes in finding message boards, forum posts, news groups, discussion threads, or questionnaire sites, or blog posts about a particular topic.

The thing I like most about it is its forum feature, you can type a keyword, it will tell you how many people are in forum actually typing in that exact keyword.

So you will find forums instantly where people are using that keyword. Can you imagine how useful it is to know such information? As you can go to those forums and posts replies and your signature will bear link to your squeeze page.

Let’s type in – “build a web business” as our keyword, you may find result page with few results of ad words; if you go down you will have organic results you are looking for.

There you will see many forum results related to your keyword.

Further down the page you will find blog posts similarly. It will even tell you time of activity when took place which may be an hour ago or a day ago.

So needless to mention if we use this search engine to drive traffic by knowing the web addresses of activities relevant to our keyword it can really help us in in finding laser targeted traffic.