Email marketing effectiveness

Omnipresent Email marketing: is it still effective?

E – Marketing: advantages and disadvantages.

The Internet has long been a part of our daily lives. According to statistics, almost every second person regularly does shopping in online stores. E-mail marketing helps to find new customers and to realize a product or service on the net.

E-mail marketing definitely has a number of unique advantages over other forms of marketing. Probably the biggest benefit of email marketing is its ability to cover a global audience of consumers with minimal effort. Of course, it is possible to reach a worldwide audience and through other forms of advertising, but the traditional forms of advertising, such as. Taken together, by far, it is not as effective in the density of potential consumers around the world as effective in this e-mail marketing.

Another key benefit of email marketing is accessibility. The essential role of this factor plays in the context of the fact that many other forms of marketing, including internet marketing, are much more expensive than email marketing. Costs associated with electronic marketing are minimal. Ideally, you already have a ready list of e-mailing and business partners of your products and services, so you will not incur any costs with the purchase of e-mail addresses. In addition, there are minimal costs in terms of shipping, and you can have as part of your regular business expenses. All of these factors make email marketing very effective in terms of cost.

Email marketing and VDR

There are still some costs associated with electronic marketing. Mainly these costs are associated with writing copywriting and creating any graphics that accompany the text advertising in emails. This requires obtaining the services of a professional writer of copywriting and designers who care about the creation of images. The cost of these services varies widely, but you usually have to pay more for more experienced writers and designers. This is associated with the expectation that such authors and designers will be able to better advertise than those who have a modest experience.

E-mail marketing is the use of a huge amount of information, so it is very, very convenient to use virtual data spaces. Virtual Data room has to do first and foremost for the secure handling of information, for online communication. Service from VDR make it possible to be confident in the reliability of storing information. Virtual Data room is an ideal security for your data.

Encryption of virtual data spaces like those described at is very reliable. Your data will not be stolen or damaged. Flawless security – one of the key reasons why the VDR provider has become one of the most used for document storage and security.