The Easiest Way To Start Online Store Is With Shopify

There are numerous methods you may choose for making money online as you can always sell not only digital products but physical as well. You can become a forex trader, affiliate marketer, or a blogger or select any other option available online today.

Once it was considered too complex to start an e-commerce store by an average person, things have changed today. There are user friendly tools available to run e commerce business. Shopify is a prominent one.

My review will begin with an outline of the Shopify first and then we’ll explore how you can generate tons of commissions using their affiliate program as well.


The idea of Shopify is brilliant. That is to provide the easiest possible tools for building and running a store online. You will be amazed what they offer.

They tell you that Shopify is “perfect for non-techie and techie alike,” .This holds true in my opinion as an person without any technical knowledge can build and run it with over hundred themes to choose from.

Let us explore Shopify bit more..

Do you know presently over fifty thousand online stores are using Shopify with its winning features. You will be amazed to see how professional –looking the designs are. In fact you can compare Shopify convincingly with any of the big retailers of today.

What else you can think of when you find everything ready with that degree of perfection. Not only you can the hundred+ templates but Shopify doesn’t restrict you to change the look of your store by customization. You may change fonts or colors at your will.

What if you wish to go further beyond it? The good news is that you can customize the template by means of your custom CSS or HTML. Interesting to know there’s also a powerful but an easy Liquid templating language.

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About Administration

The front end of the store is as great as its back end. So if the front end is great looking then back end also enables you to deal with all your data with effortless ease. All transactions are easy to manage to perfection.

Not to forget the Shopify user dashboard this is like a Word Press system for its user friendliness.


You will find the left side bar with a clear navigation to access the various segments. That makes it convenient to operate with full ease. You can always make additions in your products, name, SKU, type, description, price, vendor and compare at price, fulfilment alternatives and more.

Of course all customers, orders, and discounts, store site content itself like themes, posts, pages, links, are managed through its dashboard easily.

What else you can think when Shopify provide you a single area dashboard area to manage your customers and products. Still same dashboard manages the payments processing and setting up of all tax rates and shipping.

Indeed there is not a shadow of doubt that Shopify has made it possible for you running online your store operations with that level of ease what you couldn’t have conceived before.

How Much Does It Cost?

The great thing which brings me to my comfort zone is that Shopify offers you a free trial of fourteen days for testing the system. In case you find all your needs are fulfilled you can make a decision to go ahead with Shopify.

Once you want to use Shopify you need to make a choice among three available main plans. Another great thing I realize is that no matter what plan you may choose they do not ask for any fee for setting it up.

Another positive thing I find is that you are free to use your domain of your choice, and your bandwidth is unlimited too. There are variety of options for the number of products you choose, the capacity for storing files and the transaction fee.

What is the price?

The monthly basic plan starts from twenty nine dollars. You can have hundred products, two per cent transaction fee and 1GB of storage in that plan.

It goes up to one hundred seventy nine dollars monthly plan where you have unlimited products option which is cool.

Also you get file storage up to no limits without charging you any transaction fee, which is really cool.

The fifty nine dollars professional monthly plan is very attractive as it covers two thousand five hundred products, five GB file storage and one per cent transaction fee.

One thing I noticed that the options for real-time carrier shipping and discount code engine are available only on few plans.

You know what? You can start $14 a month which is so cheap considering the value offered by Shopify.

How you can Make Money with the Affiliate Program

You can make money with Shopify, doesn’t matter you open your online store with them or not. So, if you are not keen in operating your online stores, then join their affiliate programs to promote Shopify to your prospects. You will be astonished to see potential in their affiliate program when you find they have two main payment options:

Bounty option: You can earn a 1 time commission of two hundred per cent per sale. If you send someone to their site to buy their basic plan, e.g., you’d be entitled for a one-time payment of $58. When you send somebody to sign up for their unlimited plan, you receive a lucrative commission income of $358 with simply 1 sale.Lifetime Revenue Share option: There is an alternative payment option which enables you to get a twenty per cent commission of the monthly bill you referred, which is of course recurring.

You will be surprised to know more about their offer when they say that your recurring commission income not only includes the transaction fees but also the regular monthly plan, as well. There is no brainier if your referral stays for 7 or 8 months, this option could provide you the attractive amounts of commission.

Considering the growing trend of home-based businesses, and existing physical businesses to move online, Shopify sounds very promising as it provides everything what one can desire to run an online store. Being an affiliate, it’s an offer you can hardly resist.

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