What Works In Creating Back Links Today-2

Back linking is important but boring and time consuming. For Newbies I would advise you to do first for few weeks to learn the process then it’s a smart idea to outsource the entire SEO LINK BUILDING.

There has been a noise in the past about outsourcing link building in the countries like India and Philippines for $2 or $3 an hour. As I have been involved in testing case studies, I would say that it is no more advisable provided you also verify by seeing indexing results by yourself
I have also tested great service like Fiverr ( for getting back links to few of my test blogs. I would like to warn you first. It’s a great site for so many outsourcing stuff.

However when it comes to SEO then be careful while assigning your job even to 100% positive feedback guy. When I tested quality most of the promised claims proved false in terms of quality back links.

So many links I found were from non- reputable forums, non-English sites and even porn sites or with domain PR rather than actual PR. Most of the gigs use same IP which is of no use as Google read IPs and does not credit repeat IPs.
Others provide high obl( out bound links) links which carry less juice any way. Many Gigs use “auto-backlink” soft wares and spread scams with the repeated messages and fake URLS and emails.

I strongly recommend your first tier linking to money blog must be manual, You can use such soft wares in 2nd tier if you want to. But honestly speaking the best option would be to do it manually to be on safe side.

Here to help out my newbie readers again if you want to index your back links faster than I would recommend you to use Back link energizer.

Now as I always want to update my loyal readers what is working and what’s not so please note that pinging and RSS no longer are so effective in getting the pages indexed like they used to as there is so much spam with RSS too, but still they do submit to aggregators.
Your key step is to get correct information about pages actually been indexed by Google. I can recommend Scrape box to do this bulk job convincingly.

With this information you can plan ahead to add indexed pages with less back links. One of friend, get 90% of his links indexed by You can get your 1500 pages indexed per month with their cheapest monthly plan of $ 14.95. Again tracking of index can be done using Scrape box.

I did mention in my earlier blog post about pinging. I again remind my readers that pinging the links is not enough now days. However, its becomes a different pair of shoe if the links are being received from high PR, then you even don’t need indexing as Google will take care by itself.

Why I am emphasizing over Indexing so much? There is wisdom behind that. Think would you feel more comfortable for acquiring 200 new back links or you prefer to ensure that you index more 200 links as an alternative.

There is another good way of indexing and adding back links same time. How would you see if you start back linking your back link? You get new back links and help indexing old links this way.

One of the marketers I know interlinks forum profiles to help indexing. He simply add links to profile1 in profile 2 and has been successful in getting indexing faster. In order to know where your most of the blog or forum links are you can check ping back notifications on word press dash board.

Another way you can link back link to back link, by getting the 2nd tier link running such as forum profile and pointing to the main links. It certainly helps indexing of layer 1 link more quickly.

For my readers, I would like to share one test. I had tested RSS separately on my test site and waited long to look for any improvements in rankings but results were surprisingly disappointing. So I don’t focus there anymore.

Some people are too fussy about maintaining a ratio between do follow and no follow back links. I have tested this on many sites with different ratios. I couldn’t find any disadvantage or negativity in results. Now I no longer focus on it. I simply build naturally.

There is a method I can suggest for real quality back linking. Search for relevant sites and write great article and offer the site owner to publish in his site. If the contents are really of high value he may accept it and you get a link for your site.

For lazy folks who don’t want to do my above method, there is still a good news. You can link your own articles in your blog with powerful Contextual back links. This is a proven method to improve rankings. As contextual links are the best links you can get.