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Buildind Your Squeeze Page- An Overview

Today, I want to give you an overview of step 4, mentioned in “Six Steps to Success”.So do you remember, what was step 4 ? If you said- “ Build your Sqeeze page to build your list”, then you are right.

Again do not worry now how you will build it and what is the correct way to do it?This blog post is part of silver skill level which is more about understanding the idea, why it is so? rather than how to do it? which you will learn in gold skill level.

Your Squeeze page is your kind of a sales letter, where you convince people to join your newsletter. It can be totally texts or video or audio or a combination of text and video or audio.

It’s important how you tell them the benefits of your newsletter and about your giveaway you offer.

The key is to highlight benefits not features.

Building a responsive list does not begin with your give away or your auto responder but with your squeeze page.

Because it is the first contact point with your prospect and he makes up his mind about his expectations upon signing up your squeeze page.

Let me explain…

Squeeze page sets up yours prospects expectations.

It’s not advisable that your prospect signups for free give away and after getting give away then surprisingly start receiving emails in to his in- box never mentioned in the first place in squeeze page to him.

You must tell your prospect to expect your newsletter too.

It’s not yet end of it, as your squeeze page must clarify in the first place what type of contents are coming up in future for him.

And not only type but also frequency of receiving your contents must be clearly defined in your squeeze page.

Building your responsive list depend how good are you to fulfill your promise you made on your squeeze page.