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Drive CrazyTraffic By Online Giveaway

Today I will tell you an amazing traffic generating strategy which can give you 100-200 sign ups on average in only 4-5 days period. It is called online giveaway. Few people also call it JV giveaway.

I am using this technique regularly since I started back in 2 years’ time. The best part I like about them is it can be setup in few minutes time. Once its setup is complete you don’t have to worry about it further.

I know few newbies who have received 500 signups in 2 months period alone on the basis of this strategy.

What is an online giveaway?

It’s simply an event that takes place online generally for 2 weeks’ time. What you need to do is become a contributor of your free gift in that event. People generally contribute free e-books.

How online giveaway is set up?

You need to first arrange one give away for your contribution in that event. After your giveaway is ready you approach where this JV giveaway will take place.

Before it goes live you signup as contributor and set up your free gift for upcoming JV.

When JV giveaway gets live, the floods of traffic will pour in and when somebody likes your product he will click on the link.

He will be sent to your squeeze page where he will sign up and become part of your list then you send him download link for your free gift.

This entire process is cost free unless you decide to put your free gift as featured product on top of page , for which it cost between $17 -$27.