Online Marketing Strategies

How to Start with Right Online Marketing Strategies

Online Marketing Strategies

With almost 726 Million Active Websites on the web and 11.27 billion pages published on the Internet to date, it’s not an easy task to start and standalone in your niche with effective online marketing strategies and tactics when 270k new websites are being created every day including yours.

It’s very obvious why most of the people fail on the internet. Even they do things correctly according to online marketing strategies template but their voices just fade away among other voices.

The above statistics invite us to think of a unique strategy that our voice can still be heard and we have a viable business model to start with.

Internet marketing may require a bit of hard work to start with but then need smart work later most of the time.

Online marketing strategies that work

You need to first figure out YOUR VIABLE BUSINESS MODEL, then you can work out your strategy to remain unique so that your voice can be distinguished from the rest.

This post is aimed at providing you fruit for thought before you make up your mind to set up your online business.

There are so many ways to earn online if we see online marketing strategies examples available on the internet, I’m going to mention only few of them as below:

  1. Subscription. Making daily sales is difficult unless you really master many skills.But you can get monthly subscription from people for next 5-8 months when you make one sale.
  2. Google Adsense. They are also termed as Contextual ads. It’s very simple to learn. For example, you own a website site about dog – and you decide toput Adsense on your website. This would enable ads just as content on your site.As you have a site about dog so start ads regarding dog food, training etc. showing up on your site and you will get income.
  3. Affiliate Marketing. When you promote an offer from vendor and earn affiliate commission based on sale or a lead. For example, if you promote a product on Click bank in your niche which costs $47. When you able to sell it, Click bank will credit your account with a lucrative percentage of 50-75%. You can promote as many niches you like to increase your income. You don’t need to worry about shipment, payment processing, and refund or customer service.
  4. Direct Ad Sales. When your website becomes popular and attract traffic you can do direct ad sales. In Direct ad sales you sell advertising space directly to a certain Company other than Google. For example, When you earn $500 a month from Google Adsense you can try others to offer a direct ad buy on higher price. This way you don’t have to pay Google cut too.
  5. Selling a Product. You can either sell your own product or sell a product after getting resell rights of it as the case may be. It’s easy to use payment processors such as Click bank, Amazon, Paypal or 1ShoppingCart to sell your own products.
  6. Coaching and Consulting. If you have a skill before starting online now, or you have a sound, rock solid experience in any area, which has a demand and market. Then you can start coaching and consulting business through your website online and try to establish your authority in your niche.
  7. Flipping sites. It is all about buying a website and then tweak and improve it and sell that on profit margin. When you have no experience of buying any website, it’s a risky business to start with.However, with training and little experience you can set your goals even for earning a passive income by the site which is already earning.Even when you are starting online fresh, your offline marketing skills might be suitable for promoting a geographically targeted site you buy and then to promote it.My Advice..You can learn each model in future on my blog as well on newsletter as I will be posting tons of golden nuggets to discuss all of these models but only when you will be ready for that.However, right now you must focus only on affiliate marketing, as promoting an existing product is more easy than to create and pre-sell it. Let the vendor close the sale for you.Once you master affiliate marketing you can add another model into your arsenal like creating membership site for monthly subscription income or creating a product to sell that, etc.However, I must tell you even mastering Affiliate marketing can lead you to 6 figure income alone as people are doing it successfully as their online marketing strategies that work.