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Google Sniper 2.0

Google Sniper was originally released in 2009. The question in 2013 arise, is it still helpful with its revised version of Google Sniper 2.0 for making money online?

Brief Talk About Google Sniper 2.0

The product owner, George Brown teaches to create one page sniper sites focusing with exact match domain and low competition keywords.

The videos are extremely helpful for beginner marketers to get started online with less skill required.

You don’t require to buy another product to run sniper method.

Who Is It For?

It is for both beginners and intermediate level marketers.

What Google Sniper consists of?

It has 25 training videos, 1 Google Sniper E-book and a Google Sniper manual. It also includes 11 Q & A webinars with George Brown.

The main Attraction of Google sniper 2

Its teachings focus on creating sniper sites without needing huge amount of back links to rank for.

It guides you ways of maximizing the conversions and earning ethical money with high margins on auto pilot without spamming subscriber’s inbox. So It’s a perfect product for a newbie to start on line.

Below is the graph showing gravity of Google Sniper on Click Bank:

With a gravity of 274 on Click bank, Google Sniper still ranks on top most products on Click bank even after 4 years, which is a very rare scenario.

Google Sniper Customer Support

Google sniper online support desk is available with fast response time for any ticket you create.

Search Volumes for Google Sniper

See below a screenshot taken from the Google’s Keyword Tool on 8-6-2013, showing search volumes for Google sniper:

Keyword Competition Global Monthly Searches  Local Monthly Searches  Approximate CPC (Search) 
google sniper Low 40,500 4,400 $0.68
[google sniper] Low 14,800 1,300 $0.60
google sniper2.0 Low 9,900 720 $0.85
[google sniper2.0] Low 4,400 390 $0.83
google sniper 2 Low 12,100 1,300 $0.87
[google sniper2] Low 1,000 260 $0.99
google sniperreview Low 6,600 880 $0.58
[google sniperreview] Low 2,400 260 $0.52
google sniper2.0 review Low 1,600 110 $0.69
[google sniper2.0 review] Low 1,300 58 $0.73
google sniper 2 review Low 2,400 480 $0.72
[google sniper 2 review] Low 720 210 $0.93

Things I Don’t like About Google Sniper

The videos will brilliantly explain keyword research method for SEObut that requires a lot of time to implement.

Moreover, for creating a site with amazing design you need bit of investment too. It’s not free to start. Besides design, you need to incur cost on registering a domain and for hosting service.

Making a profit with sniper sites is not obvious unless your work is really good and you fully concentrate.

Google Sniper Price

Anybody for $1 for a full 5 days can access and then continue for $47/month with an option to cancel anytime. Full refund is offered if cancellation is done within 60 days.

A Word Of Warning For Old Marketers

So, does Google Sniper still work the same as in 2009-2012?

Google Sniper does NOT work the same as in previous years due to major changes in Algorithms. Targeting exact match domain is no longer that effective as it used to be.

So realistically don’t expect huge amounts of of dollars in the first week but one can certainly make money ethically with less effort as it runs on auto pilot. You need to be patient.

My fellow affiliate has a refund rate of 17% against the average refund rate of 14% which is still very good to see that product is still popular with buyers.

If you wish to see more information, you may watch George Brown presentation on official website.


It’s unfair to claim to change fortunes by this method. But it would be fair to say that it can help you to pay your bills, if done the right way.

But listen carefully, if you are a newbie it can be an ideal course to start with even you are an intermediate marketer it will certainly help to learn about ways of making online money on auto pilot.

In fact I can recommend it for newbie or those who have yet to make reasonable money online. As you would learn all IM basics what you need to get you success. Even you will be able to earn money with limited skills.