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Why You Need Autoresponder to build web business

Today, I want to give you an overview of step 3, mentioned in “Six Steps to Success”.So do you remember, what was step 3? If you said- “ Setting up your auto responders to build your list”, then you are right.

Again do not worry now how you can set up auto responders and what is the correct way to do it?

This blog post is part of silver skill level which is more about understanding the idea, why it is so? rather than how to do it? which you will learn in gold skill level.

Why building your targeted list is key to your online business success?

To start with let’s clear one misconception, it’s true that product is not the most precious thing in your online business which many people wrongly think.

Because product is not something you are building about in affiliate marketing. It’s your business itself which is most important.

Neither a product nor your blog is your business as it is only the place of your business from where you are operating.

How can I JUSTIFY ?

Well, we have 726 Million Active Websites on the internet and 11.27 billion pages published online to date.

Every day 270k new websites are being created. Are all these websites making money? Answer is negative.

So it is established website or a product is not a business. Then what is this business we should build to make money online.

The only correct answer is customers.

Listen guys, you can not make consistent income without Auto responder. Be sure to choose a mailing list manager that offers an auto responder.

In particular, make sure that you can upload multiple messages into your auto responder (preferably unlimited). That is how you build your business on complete auto pilot.

What If I don’t Build List?

If you attract traffic to your website site but unable to build your own list of loyal visitors, then believe me you are actually loosing 90% of your visitors straight away.

What simply happens, they won’t purchase from you … and easily forget to return to your site. It means, chances are highly likely you have lost them for good.

Also, think twice, the greatest mistake you can think of being an affiliate is to establish the merchant’s business instead of your own.

It won’t matter you’re earning 75% (or 100%!) commissions on vendors’ products, as if you are totally missing out email addresses of the people you are sending to the vendor site then you are making a big mistake.

It means you keep on losing a real customer and vendor keeps the real customer for future sales as well and paid you commission once only.

So Once you get someone in your sales funnel, they become more valuable than any one sale.

You must get rid of this false idea of quick money mindset. As throwing up a sales page and expecting to earn money up front will not work on regular basis.

So understand the importance of list building and the vital role of auto responder in the whole process of setting up your web business if you are serious to make money consistently.