Creating Your E-book To Build List- An Overview

Today, I want to give you an overview of step 2, mentioned in “Six Steps to Success” for your silver level skill.

Silver level skill means you must understand the concept clearly and its not about your ability how will you do it, which comes to Golden Skill level coming ahead.

So do you remember, what was step 2? If you said- “Creating a quality give away to build your list”, then you are right. Today let’s decide to chose to give away an e-book for building our list.

So where will you start from?

You must start first by planning the topic of your give away. It must be the hottest topic in your niche where people are willing to pay money to find their solution of that problem.

How will you know about such topic? Well, go into highly active and big forums into your niche and see what people are asking?

You can also check with top rating blogs of your niche what are they offering to the audience.

Once you decide for your topic then go to amazon.com and search for e-books on that topic. One amazing feature of amazon is that it let you inside table of contents for most books on its site.

Select few books with highest number of reviews, then go through the table of contents, and start making your own with the help of that research.

Once you have your table of contents finalized. Then start planning about your contents.

For planning your contents, you can look many ways.

One way is to look for PLR articles or even e-book available online on your topics. The problem with PLR is that content will not be unique.

But you need a unique content. So if you like to use them then you need to rewrite and must add value as well as your unique voice too.

With PLR rights you can use your own name as author and can edit as much as you want.

Another way of planning for content is the public domain resource area.

If your niche is ever green area such as relationship, pet, self- improvement, health, recipes, etc. and does not require any technology updates or current time content like computer, ipads, etc. then public domain resource can be very powerful too.

As public domain content is free of copy rights so you can use your name as author and can edit contents if you like.

Another way of planning for content is to outsource content writing which may be little expensive proposition but its worth for the purpose you are doing.

Once you are satisfied that you e-book offers value and unique content then look for a good and attractive professional e-cover of your book.

You can go to fiverr.com and get a professional e-book cover in $5.

You can even try elance.com, guru.com, freelancer.com and many other sites which facilitate outsourcing.

When you have got your e-book cover, and content ready, then convert your word document to pdf.

You can do it by primo or nitro reader. Check on the internet to download free.

After your pdf document is ready simply upload that on web.

Now please do not worry, if you you do not know about PLR, public domain, fiverr, or Nitro reader, primo, or pdf documents. It’s all right.

Everybody needs to learn for the first time, once you learn it , it stays with you for life long and you can use that skill as many times as you want to.

I will explain each of the above steps in future to make everything simple for you.

In fact I am planning to write a series about creating your e-book to make it simple for you.

This blog post was meant only for giving you an overview of step 2 in making money online process.