How to Create a “Quick Tips” Newsletter


If you’re like a lot of newsletter publishers, each newsletter you send is probably several hundred words, a thousand words or more. That’s OK.

However, sometimes your readers may enjoy a “bite size” tips that they can read in a minute or so and then apply immediately to enjoy great results. And one way to do that is by sending out a “quick tip” newsletter.

How to write a newsletter

There are several ways you can start incorporating my quick tips into your publishing schedule for news letter. Here are some examples…

  • Occasionally send out a quick tip. This is where you sometimes replace your typical longer article with a short tip. Your readers aren’t necessarily expecting it (e.g., it’s not a regular weekly feature like the next idea).
  • Create a weekly featured tip. Some publishers send out a regular full-length newsletter on one day of the week (such as Tuesday) and then send out a weekly “quick tip” on another day (such as Friday). The point is, you create a weekly feature which your loyal readers will start looking forward to.
  • Embed your “quick tips” in your regular newsletter. Here’s a different way to do it – you include a “quick tip” inside your regular newsletters. So while you’re not sending the tip as a separate newsletter, regular readers will soon learn to look forward to the “quick tip” that you have embedded in your newsletter alongside the other regular content.

For best results, share tips that are immediately actionable. That means someone can read and apply them right now. Ideally, you should also create an impact by sharing tips that make your readers say, “Wow, I never thought of that!”

There are several ways you can profit from these quick tips. One way is the indirect method – bysharing little-known tips, you build a relationship with your readers. In turn, they’re more likely to buy the products and services you recommend in the future.

Another way to profit from this format is by slipping an affiliate link into your tip. The best way for me to show you how this is done is by example. So let’s suppose you have a newsletter that’s geared towards dog training.

And let’s suppose you put out a tip about what to do when the puppy has a housebreaking accident. Your tip might read something like this:

Puppies like to urinate where they’ve previously urinated before. That means your pup’s nose will lead it back to the “scene of the crime” again and again to for a repeat of soiling your carpet. Regular household cleaners don’t help.

In fact, many of them make it worse by “setting” the stain. For best results, use an enzymatic spray like Nature’s Miracle that destroys all evidence of the mess. Click here to pick up a bottle today.

Here are a few more examples:

  • You share a tip about how to choose a good domain name. Then you provide your affiliate link to your favorite domain registrar.
  • You share a tip about how to wax a car. You then provide an affiliate link to your recommended brand of wax.
  • You share a tip about how to write a sales letter headline. Then you share an affiliate link to a copy writing book where the prospect can learn everything they need to know about writing sales letters.

Now, sometimes you might want to share a tips list rather than just one quick tip. In one of my future blog posts I will tell you how to create a tips article- which is a type of famous newsletter articles , (and profit from it).