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What Works In Creating Back Links Today-1

I really work hard to save my loyal subscribers from IM Scams. Today I wish to speak about few issues in back linking and indexing which are very confusing for newbies and other marketers who are not good in SEO.

It is a wrong concept to build as many links as possible hoping it helps. This is a blind approach asking trouble as it would only mean spamming Google with too many links.

People can ruin their hard work by this wrongly marketed approach which misleads newbies to a level where they can get their blog de-indexed by Google in the process.

I know many SEO experts do claim that backlinks won’t get your blog de-indexed and that’s true in most of the cases. But I have seen people’s blogs getting de-indexed as a result of spamming.

So here is the real probability. Would you like to take your chances with Google? If not then you better read my blog post till end to understand many issues of back linking directly affecting your site.

If you ever want to check for de-indexing status do a site:http://www… Search and check whether Google has shown a result for your blog, when it does it means your blog have not been de-indexed.

In many cases that might simply be the famous Google dance…

However, when your blog has been de-indexed you must closely analyse the reason first because in most cases simply backlinks alone may not be the only reason of getting your blog de-indexed.

The year 2013 has seen SEO dynamics very much changed and major Google updates are on their way too.

It’s time not to get carried away with Gurus non sense or with things which used to work in the past and not any more.

After testing many case studies my clear message with full responsibility to you is forget your number of backlinks.

Numbers don’t actually matter now; instead start focussing to get more quality links with a uniform link velocity which is crucial.

Whatever rate of link building you choose to do it must be maintained to make it natural.

So if you build link one month and don’t continue the same pace in next month that will make Google suspicious about your previous back links.

For a newbie who may be wondering here to know about any good tool which would collect all your blog’s backlinks pointing to your site to show you.

Yes, I can strongly recommend SEO spyglass however you won’t get 100% accurate results, as I tested that as a case study.

For those of you, who use AMA, would find hard with sites like AMA which don’t show you where your links have gone.

My advice to you would be to check pingback notifications you receive in the word press blog’s dashboard, to know about those links. The question arise what can you do with those pingback notifications.

My response would be to start working for getting them indexed.

Wait a minute! I don’t want to confuse my part of readers who are newbie and not clear about the word “Indexing”.

So before I proceed let me clarify “Indexing” now. By indexing I mean when you do search for your exact URL in Google it has a listing for it.

For example the URL which has your link if pasted in the search box must show in Google results as an exact URL which means that URL has been indexed, or in simple words Google has found that link.

Again for those of you who are newbies and are finding hard to check indexing with bulk link quantities I would recommend them to use a tool called “Scrape box” which does the index checking on large scale.

As an alternative you can also use the free Index Checker from to check indexing.