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Let Others Drive Tons Of Web Traffic For You

Many readers ask me, “Tell me the best way to attract traffic to my blog”. “ I say to them you can use hundred techniques in hundred days. There is one unique and rarely discussed technique I wish to write about today to boost your site traffic. 

You must have noticed most digital product sellers offer 50% or more affiliate commissions. I ask you to create a digital product in a price range of $7 or close and simply offer 100% affiliate commissions to your affiliates who promote that product.

No, I am not out of my mind. Believe me this works great for you if you understand that all you need is to build your list when your product affiliates send prospects to your site and let the commission part goes to your affiliates, who do all the hard work for you to send targeted traffic to your site.

All you need is to capture their email addresses and prepare a series of auto responders for that list to promote as many products you wish to.
Here are few things you must be careful about:

  1. You choose the right market where people are willing to buy.
  2. Your Sales Page must be capable of converting prospects to customers, to keep the affiliates stick to promote that.
  3. Your affiliate program must include few tools to help affiliates to promote effectively by investing in less amount of time. Your payments must be in short intervals to keep affiliates moving and engaged.
  4. The customers must subscribe to your list where you are waiting for them with lots of your auto responder promotions ready for them over a period of time.
  5. Offer your customers to become your affiliate to earn 100% affiliate commissions on your download page. Instead you can promote another product too on the download page if you wish to. This may result an immediate sale on back-end.

Remember, your affiliates earn 100% commissions, and you keep the customers in your list for future promotions of many products. This makes it a win win situation for every body.