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A Good Web Host, A Newbie Problem!

I can’t make more emphasis on how essential it is to have hosting that is user friendly, reliable, fast and with excellent customer support. So I wish to speak today how important is for you to get the right hosting company for your sites. So let’s begin.

Back in 20I1 I was just starting to enter Internet marketing, and obviously one of the initial steps was to pick up my hosting company and a package.

At that time I didn’t realise being a newbie one horrible fact. When it comes to hosting never waste your time, money and energy with the really cheap hosting companies.

I made that terrible mistake in the beginning when I purchased my first ever hosting package being the cheapest available that time.

You know what happened to me. The server went down the other day and life really started getting difficult then.

In order to solve my issue, I started searching on Google to find “web hosting reviews” and “top hosting companies”.

I noticed that the same companies were always showing up with promising claims, so I went for one based on the reviews I read.

6 weeks later I was facing similar issues with servers along with poor customer support. I really got frustrated this time.

I am sure so many starters in internet marketing face similar issues in the beginning.

What I learned hard way is that most of the web hosting reviews promoting few companies as “top hosting companies” depend on the amounts of affiliate commission they are earning from them.

Logically when a web hosting company offers a $ 120 affiliate commission, then many affiliates who do not believe doing marketing on ethical grounds are likely to promote them to receive high affiliate commissions.

And they don’t worry how much their own branding can be affected by promoting wrong products.

So I am thinking to clear up the smoke for my newbie friends. So in near future I will be posting few genuine reviews on web hosting to prevent them to waste their time and energy.

As an affiliate marketer, I do earn my living based on my online business; I have a clear vision, which is to stay here for good. So I don’t follow affiliate marketing on unethical grounds.

Of course if I damage my brand for short term benefits I won’t have room to breathe in here.

When you are wetting your foots in internet marketing now, first thing you must understand is that you require a fast website, and despite it is obvious to have this ability, many marketers even don’t realise it in the beginning.

You can use magical plugins available with Word press to help you in this matter but that is not enough. The importance of good hosting can never be undermined when the question of your site speed arise.

If you have selected a shared web hosting company which has already oversold its server space then your site will eventually. Think for a moment you are a marketer.

Can you afford losing your prospects just because of your site speed issue after you have worked hard to get your sales funnel right for getting you affiliate commissions?

For those who feel stuck with some bad hosting company like a $1 monthly host, there is still good news. You can always transfer your site free to a good hosting company.

I intend to continue my discussion over my few upcoming reviews after I complete my testing and research of few selected web hosting companies for my reviews on my blog to my entire satisfaction.

Another thing I would like to clarify for newbies especially that if you desire to have multiple IPs for any reason to get SEO Hosting, still the same hosting company can do that for you inside your cPanel. You can try out seowebhosting.net for that reason.

Few people have asked me in the past which hosting company I use now a days? So to reply once for everybody, I am using Hostgator since last one and half years to my entire satisfaction.

All my niche authority sites are hosted with Hostgator. Their customer service cannot be beaten. And for starters especially the issue of customer support sometimes become life and death issue.

Endurance International Group (EIG) in July of 2012 bought Hostgator from Brent Oxley.

EIG also owns Bluehost, iPage, HostMonster, and FatCow. I was worried in July on hearing EIG purchase as they don’t have best reputation in customer service, and their downtime is known to me too.

But lucky for me, I never found any significant issue of customer service after EIG took over Hostgator.

Recently I was handling a copyright issue in one of my affiliate products I am promoting in Baby niche. Hostgator smartly resolved through ticket to my satisfaction.

However after I complete my research and testing with selected group of web hosting companies I am planning to write few reviews for my readers shortly.

Until then I can safely recommend Hostgator as my favourite on the basis of my last 1.5 years’ experience. Especially newbies would love their extra support all the time.