Responsive Email List

How to Build a Responsive Email List, in Email marketing,Part 1

In this blog I shall tell you how to turn your inactive dormant list into responsive and loyal, subscribers.

Let’s proceed…

Use Your Best while Free Giving Away

When you’re selling digital products, you may be thinking to reserve all your best products to be used as the paid products later on, and just give the “scraps” away in your newsletter.

Never do this. Instead, offer your subscribers your very best products.

Why it’s important…

Once you simply offered “scraps” or common tips to your subscribers, they’re not going to be impressed and inclined towards you.

They might think that such offers were made free as they were useless. And there is no way you can develop your relationship with those subscribers, and you would lose an opportunity and trust of them too.

So what is the bottom line then? What is the best way to offer valuable information?

Very simple, you need to provide only part or piece of high value information solutions to your subscriber’s problems.

This way, you offer them valuable content but your prospects eventually have to purchase that product which has the full solution to their problem.

Read this example…

Assuming you are an affiliate of various products on get you’re Ex back niche.

Now while offering for subscription you may provide few tips on rebuilding relationship, or tips for making first contact, or steps to plan a re-union.

However to get hold of full lessons the prospects would be encouraged to buy the paid products then.

Your Subscribers Must Feel over delivered

The next thing you must ensure that your subscribers must feel from your side that they are treated “very special”.

An easy way of doing it to offer discounts to them. You can always ask vendors for exclusive discounts to your list to increase your affiliate sales.

Even, you might sacrifice part of your affiliate commission to be used as “rebate” to customers after the refund period has passed.

Increase your Interactivity

Always ready to be interactive with your subscribers. Below are few ways, you may follow:

  • You must promptly reply to your subscribers always.
  • It’s a great thing to ask for their feedback with regular intervals, via email. Also, make sure to reply back to every individual subscriber who emails you.
  • Always be creative to generate new topics for discussion.

In case you send your newsletter on a controversial subject matter, it would be a good idea to initiate a discussion on your forum or website about it.

An easy way to do is by posting a link to the website or forum in your newsletter. It’s important to be responsive to comments in that discussion.

So the bottom line is never treat your list simply a list of email addresses, treat your list with respect and maximum interaction and constantly engage with them.

The next step is to setup tele- seminars or free workshops which would provide more opportunity to interact with them on personal level.

Talk to you soon in next upcoming blog.