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Mobile Money Code

The product is on how to create and sell mobile websites to local business owners.

But the way marketing was done in scripted sales video is quite unethical as it tried to make you believe that money will be made with the product with a few clicks. In fact it never tell you how that program works.

The sales video shows nice home, car and fake actors but in actual it’s simply a $9 website creator for mobile phones with few ideas about selling them to local businesses.

The Gurus are strongly recommending it all over in order to win contest.

Interestingly somewhere in the video it was claimed 100% free but later it ask for $49 donation, but when someone exits out, it offers for $40, if still refused drops out third , fourth time until for $9. Once you buy there comes a upsell for $198 .

The tool it offers creates a good mobile site using drag/drop method but the fancy sales video totally mislead prospect as in reality one has to sell those sites on suggested price of $250 to $500 for making money and not by making few clicks as shown in sales video.

Also I notice he attempts to build his list for more promotions by offering webinar trainings.

I purchased the product on Digital River but could not login nearly 12 hours later. For few downloads I was given warning from my Antivirus system as a threat to my hard disk.

Later in a training video I was informed about a Free Gift of a Website valued $2500.00 but was asked to pay for domain and web hosting for $262.80 to use the Money Code.

Then I needed to call at 1 702399 3027 for setting up the Money Code. You can call Support at 18779172337 but in my case nobody responded my call.

While setting up my site the Firefox did not understand the commands.

It includes 6 weeks of “bonus” weekly training-Bonus Soft wares:

  • Mobile site generator- It makes word press site mobile friendly
  • QR Code generator
  • fifty done for you mobile sites

Upsell #1: Done for you.

It offers pre-made template sites which require more action from you.

Upsell 2: Traffic Money Code (Back link finder and Indexer)

Upsell 3: Social Money Code ( Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedon)


Yes, you can make money by selling sites to local businesses as you can create and upload a professional page in minutes but it will not change your life with few clicks as shown in sales video.

However the training provides you solid information about mobile.

I couldn’t understand why it has an affiliate program when it was given an impression that product is offered by invitation only. In my opinion more was spent on promotion then on product creation.

If you need a mobile site creator with a good knowledge base of mobile then it certainly worth it, and you can sell the mobile sites to local business, but be careful with sales video which can mislead you the way how you can make money with this product in few clicks.