Drive Targeted Traffic

Drive Targeted Traffic By H.A.R.0


It is a very unique strategy to attract targeted audience again.  So what is this service about?

It’s a great service for people who may be generalist, or reporter or writer and seeking information on a particular topic and for the “Sources” people who are willing to provide required information to the Reporters.

 So basicallyit connects people for the above purpose.   The central conceptof H.AR.O is greatwhich says that anybody has an area of expertise which he can share withothers.  

So if somebody has specialized information it can be useful to other people who are seeking such information already.

 So HARO serves as a middle man, to connect two people. It starts with somebody looking for some information.

He may be a reporter, writer, or generalist, who is writing something and he may be looking for any piece of information which is fresh content.

Let us see if Mr A wants information about Malaysian food recipes. What he will do he will send his request to HARO, that he is looking for a person who can tell him about his topic he requested.

Upon receiving such request from Reporter, HARO, send emails to its subscribed list and when people in the list receive such request, they contact directly to the Reporter by email.

Every day HARO sends out 3 emails to his list while each email contains about 20 press enquiries on a variety of topics. .

So this is all thatsimple. First thing you need to do is to sign up at HARO to become part oftheir list. You can do that at

When you reach atthe site you need to sign up as a “Source” who offers his services to shareinformation with Reporter. So when you get to their page, click on sign up on “Sources” by filling up your account details.

When you scroll down to the main account page, look for “HARO PREFERENCES” area, which will allow you to choose certain categories with in HARO.

You can tickthe niches of your choice. Then you will start receiving HARO requestin that category. That’s it.

You should keep an eye on 3 emails daily sent to you by HARO and carefully select any email which attracts your interest with high relevancy to your topic then you can directly contact Reporter by email.

Tips To Use HARO

You must read the request carefully it will prevent you to waste time of reporter as well as yours. It’s obvious Reporter will only respond to the emails look most relevant to him.

Your prompt response time matters. Any delay might not give you desired result.

As Reporter might already have got response from somewhere else and no longer interested to reply delayed response.

Provide a handful piece of valuable information to convince Reporter to respond to you.

Never waste your time in replying all requests as many may not be  that relevant.

Always ensure to include your contact information

Don’t be hyper active.