Email Marketing

How to Build a Responsive Email List, in Email marketing,Part 2

In my last blog I discussed most crucial elements for turning a dormant email list into a real responsive list. Today I shall continue to mention further tips to improve the response of your subscribers..

Cultivate Personal Relationship in Email marketing

Bear in mind you buy only from people you know, and have full trust over them, so is the case with your subscribers.

That implies cultivating personal relations with your subscribers provide you real opportunity to explode your profits from your own subscribers.

Cultivating a deep relationship never means that you share your personal or confidential things with them.

Instead, when you are ready to share your experience as regards to similar problems your prospects are interested in, that give you an opportunity to provide them valuable tips which in turn help them in solving their problems.

I have found, sending videos to your email list is very useful always in email marketing.

Like you might want to share how you pick up your keywords while setting up a new project.

It would be extremely useful if your video provide visual instructions step by step, engaging your subscribers in value content.

One advice is to be present in side video by yourself, instead of a mere power point slide presentation.

The key, however, is to show yourself in the video. Don’t just use stock footage or a Power Point slide presentation.

It’s extremely important your subscribers can see your face and hear your voice while developing a warm relationship with them.

Stick to your patents fields in email always..

Its human nature that most of us scan our emails and recognise from a name or an email field. I strongly warn you not to change your email fields you have been using for months with your subscribers.

Changing any regular email field shall definitely affect your response rate. The chances are few of your subscribers might mislead and click on spam button by mistake for you, not being recognised in first place.

The lesson we get for Email marketing, now is that starting your newsletter require forward thinking and a careful layout and fields selection right from the beginning.

That does not mean that you cannot make changes at later stages. Yes you can. All you need is to slow down the transition process as much as possible to make it unnoticed.

For example, you want to change current field from “XYZ Company” to “Mark Taylor.” What you can do is, start signing your newsletter, “Mark Taylor, XYZ Company”.

After few weeks, you can announce your intended change to your subscriber, before you do it.

When you change that, mention at top of newsletter as well, and keep repeating the same way for several subsequent issues.

Stay tuned, in next blog soon, I shall teach you few more important tips to boost your list response.