Building A Theme Based Authority Site An Overview

Building A Theme Based Authority Site-An Overview

Today, I want to give you an overview of step 5, mentioned in “Seven Steps to Success” which is about Building a theme based authority site.

Again do not worry now how you will build a theme based authority site. This blog post is part of silver skill level which is more about understanding the idea, why we need to? rather than how to do it? which you will learn in gold skill level.

Why Theme Based Authority Site

People search for information, for solutions on internet. There is NO such thing as “passerby traffic.” like as in off line business.

The advantage of a successful theme based site is to provide the targeted information with high relevance and quality content.

Each page focuses upon a single topic that is related to that theme and this “warms up” (i.e., PRE sells) visitors by OVER delivering what they came for… information., Search Engines must like that too.

Visitors will start to like and trust you as an expert.

Your credibility as an expert creates an open-to-buy mindset. PRE sold visitors convert more easily and more frequently into paying customers. That is the winning advantage of a “Theme-Based Content Site.”

Select a niche full of desperate buyers then, then create an authority site on a subset of that broad market area focused on narrowing down that topic.

You shall have less competition due to narrow down your topic and have chances of early income than compared to competing authority sites with your new site.

Best part is that you can expand it all the time covering more broader areas to offer wide range of value and increase your potential income.

Your domain must be selected in the manner to have potential for expansion.

Another advantage of creating such an authority site based on a subset of a broad topic is that , you can promote different products for ever and site is in your control as not based on a product controlled by any vendor.

If something happens to that product you can switch over to another and your site stays always there.

At later stage you can sell even your own products one by one on long term basis by means of that niche authority site as well.

The site with time develops more and more valuable with all its SEO and content investment getting capital gains all the time like any real estate property.

Another advantage is getting your list build easily in a niche where you are seen as an authority.This get you repeat customers and you are in business.