list swaps

Get 100s of Subscribers In Few Hours Time By List Swaps

Today I would like to speak about the traffic strategy which in my opinion is the fastest way to build your list in small amount of time.

It is called list blast or ad swap. Many people also use the term list swap also called joint venture for this strategy.  It can give you 100s of new subscribers in few hours.

 However, it inessential to have your list already with you if you want to add new subscribers by employing this strategy.

So if you are just a beginner, or you don’t have your list yet, you will have to wait until you have at least 300-400 subscribers to your list then you can do list swaps with others.

 And this means chances are, it’s a matter of few weeks wait only when you will have 300-400 subscribers in your list, if you implement other traffic strategies to get your few hundred subscribers first.

The process is very easy and simple. But it can give positive results only when done correctly. You need to find a person who has a list in your own niche.

 There are many ways you can find such person. You can search in search engine in your niche area where SERP’s can give you tons of blogs.

Now you can sign up few of those blogs lists and analyze their quality of list by yourself as a subscriber. One way to see is the quality of giveaway they offer.

 However, before moving forward, you must be clear in your mind about his quality of offer, and the person himself.

 If you are comfortable with that guy and if you are convinced with the quality or value  he offers then next step is to contact that blog owner by contact form  or email  and leave him a message about your intention for list swaps, if he may be interested.

Remember again don’t ever do a list swap for the sake of list swap. Your first priority must be to ensure that the swap will not affect your list badly in any manner.

 As being your list owner you need to take care of your list first on top priority.

 Your bad judgement about that list swap can really damage your list forever.

Now when you areconvinced to go ahead then just tell him you are willing to tell your listabout him. And in response you want him to tell his list about you.

There may be people who are shy to contact others for this purpose. Also there may be instances when the person you contacted has no clue about the ad swaps.

You can also use your relationship made in forums with others. Those guys may be more suitable for your ad swaps as you already know them for a while now.

 You can ask one ofthem, would he consider sending email to his list about your site and you willdo the same.

There is one thing more, never do list swaps frequently as you don’t want your list sign up to others  frequently as being list owner you must look after your list in the first place.