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Truth You Need To KnowAbout Email Marketing

Email marketing provides the solid foundation in internet marketing for long term success. The strategy does not solely rely on SERPs or paid marketing only. 

You need to write your e-mails sequence once only, then whenever someone signs up those messages are automatically sent to subscribers with the requested interval.

Emails are checked more than 6 times a day by 72% of mobile users.

Today Email accounts are 3 times as big as Facebook and Twitter

combined.59% of marketers confess email marketing to be the most effective marketing channel in order to convert.

Shopping consumers spend 83% more money as a result of Email marketing. For every dollar spent ROIon email marketing is $44.25

AWeber Overview

AWeber is the top most e-mail auto responder service for acting as a subscriber magnet.

With AWeber serving the industry since mid 1990’s, it has built a great reputation among internet marketers with its remarkable service and product features.

 The product is proved to be very easy to understand and anybody is able to start with it right away.

What is AWeber?

AWeber  is a subscription based service which enables internet marketers to do marketing on 100% autopilot by means of  e-mail auto-responder service.

One can create as many opt in forms by means of browser-based interface.

After the prospects subscribe to marketer, the AWeber service enables the marketer to communicate with his subscriber by already set up messages on auto pilot.   

Advantages of AWeber

I’ve been using AWeber for 2 years and up til now I have nothing but good reports to speak about them.

With an affordable service for up to 500 subscribers it is available at monthly subsciption of$19. 

The 1$ trial offer is the cheapest and the service is almost guaranteed to pay for itself.


It provides you a service where you can create an unlimited number of auto-responders.

The 30-day trial allows you to get a jump on your list building campaign, but if you already have a large list, you can migrate it over quite easily.

AWeber also hosts lot of videos, webinars on email marketing, telling every thing about the service. There is a blog that also provide lot of ideas about how to build your list.

  • The length of message is unlimited with a HTML platform
  • You can send unlimited broadcast messages
  • You can create option forms by using customizable fields
  • There are lots of options to create different types of opt in forms
  • Undelivered e-mail addresses are handled automatically
  • You can create unlimited campaigns
  • Get the 100% success to email marketing with easy and nice email templates and subscribe list templates.
  • You can customize all of the e-mails by showing your logo on messages you send.
  • You can easily track the clicks from the links present in e-mail messages
  • One can also “trial and error” with his e-mails by sending only to some people to see if what works for him or not. So you can send emails out to specific segments of your subscribers.

Following is the price schedule for using this service:

  • 0 – 500 – Included with your Account Plan
  • 501 – 2,500 – $10.00
  • 2,501 – 5,000 – $30.00
  • 5,001 – 10,000 – $50.00
  • 10,001 – 25,000 – $130.00
  • 25,000+ – Contact Aweber

Things I don’t like About AWeber

I sometimes see AWeber bit slow for my pace. After I send out a test mail,  I often have to wait for many minutes before the mail arrives.

Same is the case with joining a list. When a subscriber joins to get a giveaway, they wish to receive it immediately, and not few minutes later, which may happen in few cases.

If you are living outside the US, and want to schedule a mail for a later time then you can not see local times but only US  time and date only.

You are able to send out your message to your Twitter account, while sending out an email.

However, there is a hitch, if one email goes to one account, and another to another account, you cannot set it up as the last account entered is valid always.

Why should I Use AWeber?

You can’t do better with any other marketing channel if you build your list and capture email addresses of 20%-40% of visitors subscribing to your list using AWeber which ranks highest for deliverable rates. In fact they have a 99.34% delivery rate.

You can manage all of your websites from one single account, even if the websites are all different. That is a sure time saver and also a huge savings as you don’t need to have different accounts for each website.

Yes, there are many competitors of AWeber for providing email marketing services but the value it provides for a small monthly fee is unbeatable even for a newcomer.

Moreover, their unlimited technical support for 24 hours a day and chat support is amazing. The user of this service does not have to worry about compliance with the CAN-SPAMact due to its full integration.  

Email marketing is the best method recognized to make money online. 

I can honestly say that what AWeber promises is exactly what it delivers.