Traffic, The Life Blood Of Web Business

Traffic, The Life Blood Of Web Business

No need to mention that traffic serves as your life blood of your online business. That is what the step 5 and step 6 of “Six Steps To Success” speak about. The only thing you need to be careful about traffic is to go after targeted traffic so that you get good conversions.

There are more than hundreds ways I can tell you to drive traffic to your site. They can be free or paid methods.

But in my blog I will mostly talk about free traffic methods which are no way behind paid methods.

You need traffic after you have setup your system on auto pilot. I am going to tell you tons of traffic strategy which are free traffic strategies.

Every traffic strategy I am going to tell you in my newsletter or blog definitely work, but you need to work correctly in order to implement them.

Every traffic strategy I will tell you has been successfully implemented by me to build list in different niches.

One thing important to mention here, every body’s main traffic source can be different from other.

It can be for so many reasons. For example few people love to focus on SEO and may have SERP’s as their main source if they manage top positions on search engines.

But few may be very good in Facebook or social media to drive traffic to the site.

An interesting thing is worth to mention that traffic strategies may depend on your specific goals.

Like few traffic strategies can give you traffic in minutes and will explode for a short while then goes away.

Good examples for such traffic strategies are List swaps, Auto responder swaps, or classified Ads.

But few traffic strategies like SEO, need time and effort and skill but traffic can be for longer period until site maintains top positions on search engines.

Like, if somebody is focusing on SEO, then he will try to aim for top 3 positions in search engines.

42.13% of visitors click on the #1 position on Google search results, 11.90% click on #2 position and 8.5% on #3 position.

It is reduced to only 2.85% clicks for #9 positions. So notice one strategy can make it a much difference for that guy.

So if he is on # 9 now and he successfully reach to #1 it means 2000 clicks now for his site reaching on #1 position compared to only 294 clicks he was getting for #9 previously.

It actually works out to be 1478% increase in steady traffic.

So one who is focussing for SEO must pick keywords close to top 3 positions to reach on top positions quickly to increase traffic dramatically.

Few strategies like Article marketing, guest posting , forum marketing or even online give away are very effective traffic strategies to build real targeted traffic.

The list goes on and on and never ending. This is just an overview of the traffic idea so let’s do not stretch it further. You will learn tons of traffic strategies on my blog in coming months.